About us

Our values


We have always known, the best way to find new Authorised Representatives is to look after the ones you have. Since our foundation the vast majority of our new Authorised Representative business continues to come from personal referrals.


We offer honest advice and we are a fee for service AFSL. We do not take any commission override and have no affiliation with any major investment funds or institutions. 


The freedom of running your own business for the best interest of your client in a practical and compliant manner.


We are good listeners. We take time to understand your unique circumstance and draw on our vast expertise to navigate you through the options and outcomes to help you attain the best practice that you can achieve.

the importance of trust

Trust is integral to all CHPW businesses, so our selection process is stringent.

We want to ensure everyone who joins us is of the right cultural fit and has the right sense of get-up-and-go ethics and customer focused philosophy to play part in our growing success. 

You will, in-turn tap into our ever growing network of clients, services and innovations, putting your own business in the path of future success.

Like you, we wouldn't just go into partnership with anyone.